Hello and Welcome!


About Me


My Background

I grew up and still live on the edge of beautiful Dartmoor. I have been working as an Audiologist for many years now as well as being an artist and crochet designer. I have completed a foundation degree in fashion at Plymouth College of Art in 2010.


My Creations

When I'm not at work, I really love to design crochet stuff including animals, quirky household items and, especially crochet dollies. I paint and exhibit whimsical mixed media paintings inspired by fairy stories and book excerpts that incorporate collage and fabrics. I decorate dolls house's, dolls house furniture and make dolls for my many dolls house's that take up far too much room in my home. 


My Favourite Things

I love crochet and art. I love cats, chickens and my latest newly found love is axolotls (the cutest aquatic creatures that I've ever seen)  and they come in pink....  My favourite colour is pink!